The Friday Irregular

Volume 2, Number 22
21 January 2000

Edited by and copyright ©2000 Simon Lamont

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Saturday 22 January   -   Spain ceded the Falkland Isles to Britain, 1771
Sunday 23 January   -   Humphrey Bogart born, 1899
Monday 24 January   -   Voyager II flew past Uranus, 1986
Tuesday 25 January   -   Chinese New Year - Happy Year of the Dragon!
Wednesday 26 January   -   India became a republic, 1950
Thursday 27 January   -   Three-year-long Siege of Leningrad ended, 1944
Friday 28 January   -   Jackson Pollock, artist, born, 1912



Listings from Digiguide, the free downloadable listings service for Win'9x and/or Radio Times.

ITV listings for Granada region. Other regions may vary. (R) indicates a repeat.

It must be the season for strange telly - Triangle, last week's innovatively-shot episode of The X Files (repeated Saturday night) saw Mulder catapulted back to World War 2 in the Bermuda Triangle (not, fortunately, to an early-80s North Sea ferry), while this week Sisko experiences life as a writer in 1950s America in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Wednesday). Things don't get much stranger than Gormenghast (Saturday and Monday) which was one of the best book adaptations we've seen in a long time, reminiscent in many ways of some of the great BBC drama serials of the 1970s. Also on the odd front, if you're suffering Ally McBeal withdrawal symptoms you might find something familiar about classic 70s comedy The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin (Tuesday) and its use of fantasy flashes.

With the Christmas/New Year glut of terrestrial premiere movies seemingly over, the best films this week are all oldies; spookily funny Ghostbusters gets another airing (Sunday), as does the visual feast that is Delicatessen (Saturday). Sensibly, The French Connection II doesn't attempt to match the action of its predecessor, opting for characterisation instead. It's a good week for B-movies, from the Zsa Zsa Gabor classic Queen of Outer Space (Sunday) to Roger Corman's crime story Bloody Mama, co-starring a then-relatively-unknown actor called Robert De Niro. Movie triviaphiles might like to note that the corpse during the opening scene of seminal 80s drama The Big Chill (Monday) is Kevin Costner, whose flashback scenes were all cut from the final print.


Saturday 22 January
00:50   BBC2   Delicatessen (1991) French black comedy (subtitled)
04:00   Ch.4   Persistence of Memory. Intriguing sci-i detective short film
16:15   BBC2   Bookmark. Documentary about Mervyn Peake, author of Gormenghast
18:35   BBC2   Gormengast (R, from Mon)
21:05   BBC2   The French Connection II (1975)
22:50   Ch.5   The Terminal Man (1974) Mind-control sci-fi
23:40   BBC1   The X Files. Triangle (R, from Weds)
Sunday 23 January
00:40   BBC2   Twins of Evil (1971) Hammer horror
00:50   Ch.5   Morons From Outer Space (1985) Sporadically funny British sci-fi comedy
02:25   Ch.5   Queen of Outer Space (1958) One of the classic B-movies, starring Zsa Zsa Gabor
17:00   Ch.4   Stargate SG-1. Solitudes. O'Neill and Carter are stranded
17:35   Ch.5   Ghostbusters (1984) Who you gonna call?
18:00   Ch.4   Time Team. Digging archaeology in Dorset
18:45   BBC2   Star Trek: Voyager. Night. *NEW SERIES*
Monday 24 January
18:00   BBC2   The Simpsons. Round Springfield
18:00   Ch.4   Friends. The One With the Metaphorical Tunnel (R)
21:00   BBC2   Gormenghast. Part 2 *TV PICK OF THE WEEK*
22:40   Ch.4   The Big Chill (1983). Drama.
Tuesday 25 January
00:40   Ch.5   NHL Ice Hockey. Colorado v Los Angeles, followed by highlights of St.Louis v Pittsburgh
18:00   BBC2   Doctor Who. Doctor Who and the Silurians (R)
21:00   BBC2   The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. (R)
Wednesday 26 January
01:55   ITV   Bloody Mama (1970) Corman crime B-movie with Shelley Winters, Robert De Niro and Bruce Dern *FILM PICK OF THE WEEK*
18:45   BBC2   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Far Beyond the Stars
22:20   BBC1   The X Files. Dreamland. Feature-length episode
Thursday 270 January
00:15   Ch.5   NHL Ice Hockey. Toronto v Detroit, followed by highlights of Colorado v Los Angeles
18:00   BBC2   Star Trek: The Next Generation. Homeward (R)
21:00   BBC2   Meet the Ancestors. Archaology
22:00   BBC1   Beast. Should We Hug? Veterinary sitcom
Friday 28 January
00:35   Ch.4   Disinfo Nation. Counter-culture series, including an interview with Robert Anton Wilson, author of the Illuminatus! trilogy
01:55   ITV   Starship Bloopers. A look at mega-low budget alien SFX
18:00   BBC2   The Simpsons. Homer's Barbershop Quartet (R) followed by Cape Feare (R)
21:00   Ch.4   Friends. The One With Chandler in a Box (R)
22:00   Ch.4   Frasier. Everyone's a Critic
22:30   Ch.4   So Graham Norton. Comedy chat-show
23:30   ITV   Dharma and Greg. Turn, Turn, Turn.


This week's quotations are a medical medley. Answers, as usual, next issue or from the usual address.

Last issue's quotations were all from films in which David Duchovny appeared; they were:


Weird World News

Howard Potter, a 52-year-old accountant from Cardiff, Wales, overdid his New Year's celebrations. So much so, that he has taken an advert out in a local newspaper to apologise to a dance group, several landlords, a man at a chip shop and various other people for having "castigated, insulted, embarrassed or bored" them. He also said that he only learned of his behaviour from those people who were still talking to him.

A Qantas Boeing 767 was less than a minute from touching down at Auckland Airport, New Zealand this week when the pilot spotted car headlights moving towards him on the runway, and aborted the landing, successfully bringing the plane down safely once the car had been removed from danger. It was being driven by a Japanese tourist who had strayed onto the runway after becoming lost.

Quite apart from the risk of tourists on the runway, triskaidekaphobics might want to stay clear of Auckland after the City Council decided that the common practice of skipping the number 13 in street addresses could be confusing for emergency services, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Updating last issue's item about a Spanish driver who escaped injury when a large lump of ice hit his car, it is now believed that this, and at least nine other similar incidents are the result of cometary debris, not aircraft waste systems.

It wouldn't be a TFIr without a dumb criminal story - this week's is the German who tried to extort $14m from Nestle foods last year, demanding that the ransom be put into pouches slung around the necks of homing pigeons. Police substituted radio transmitters for money and tracked the pigeons to the home of Alexander Nemeth.


This week's site might come in handy for some of the dumb criminals whose tales we've brought you - it's a form for conducting a Citizen's Self-Arrest. Just print it out, fill in your crime details and frogmarch yourself down to the Nick...


Madame Jennifer, our in-house psychic predicts the following numbers will be lucky:

13, 15, 23, 26, 38, 49

...end of line