The Friday Irregular

Volume 3, Number 10
5 May 2000

Edited by and copyright ©2000 Simon Lamont

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Saturday 6 May   -   Karl Marx born, 1818
Sunday 7 May   -   Lusitania sunk with nearly 2000 fatalities, 1915
Monday 8 May   -   World Red Cross Day
Tuesday 9 May   -   Howard Carter, discovered of Tutankhamen's tomb, born, 1873
Wednesday 10 May   -   US Transcontinental railroad completed with the Driving of the Golden Spike at Promontory Point, Utah, 1869
Thursday 11 May   -   Jay Forrester patents computer core memory, 1951
Friday 12 May   -   Dante Gabriel Rossetti, founder member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, born, 1828



Listings from any or all of Digiguide (the free downloadable listings service for Win'9x), Radio Times and Heat.

ITV listings for Granada region. Other regions may vary. (R) indicates a repeat.

Film ratings range from * (Crap but fun, and still way better than Judge Dredd) to ***** (Unmissable)

Friday 5 May
18:00   BBC2   The Simpsons. Homer the Great (R) in which Homer joins the secretive Stonecutters (guest voice: Patrick Stewart), followed by And Maggie Makes Three (R) in which Lisa asks her mother why there are no pictures of Maggie in the photo album.    
18:45   BBC2   Sliders. Into the Mystic (R). The Sliders enter an Earth where the paranormal is normal.    
21:00   ITV   Groundhog Day (1993) Increasingly funny comedy about a TV weatherman who relives the same day over and over. Starring Bill Murray and Andy MacDowell.   ****
21:00   ITV   Groundhog Day (1993) Increasingly funny comedy about a TV weatherman who relives the same day over and over. Starring Bill Murray and Andy MacDowell. (You know we can't resist Groundhog Day humour...)   ****
21:00   Ch.4   Friends. The One With Ross' Wedding (Part 1) (R) Ross, Monica, Chandler and Joey head to London for Ross' marriage to Emily.    
21:30   BBC1  

The Relic (1996). Mostly effective horror thriller about a monster loose in a museum during a gala ceremony. Starring Penelope Ann Miller, Tom Sizemore and Linda Hunt.

21:30   Ch.4   Smack the Pony. Comedy sketch show with Doon MacKichan, Fiona Allen and Sally Phillips    
22:00   Ch.4   Frasier. Hot Pursuit. Martin helps Donny stake out an adulterous husband.    
23:30   ITV   Dharma and Greg. Are You Ready for Some Football? Dharma becomes obsessed with football.    
Saturday 6 May
00:30   Ch.5   Poltergeist: The Legacy. (R) More spooky goings-on...    
03:15   Ch.4   The Last Waltz. Martin Scorsese's music documentary covering the Thanksgiving 1976 farewell concert by The Band.    
11:50   BBC2   Blake's 7. Deliverance (R) The Liberator crew search for survivors of a crashed spaceship.    
15:25   ITV   Bronco Billy (1980). Clint Eastwood's story of a Wild West show gunslinger and a spoilt heiress. With Sondra Locke.   ***
20:05   BBC2   Breaking the Code. Acclaimed dramatisation of the life of Alan Turing, starring Derek Jacobi and Prunella Scales.    
Sunday 7 May
00:45   BBC2  

Fahrenheit 451 (1966) Noteable adaptation of Ray Bradbury's chilling sci-fier, set in a world where books are banned. Starring Oskar Werner, Julie Christie and Cyril Cusack.

02:25   Ch.4   The Devil Rides Out (1967) Dennis Wheatley supernatural horror is more than a little cheesy by today's standards, but still has some scary moments and superb acting, most notably by Christopher Lee. Also starring Charles Gray and Patrick Mower.   ***
16:20   Ch.5   The Odyssey. From the Merlin/Arabian Nights/Alice in Wonderland/Gulliver's Travels stable comes the story of Oysseus' journey home after the siege of Troy, encountering numerous obstacles and monsters. Starring Armand Assante and Greta Scacci. *TV PICK OF THE WEEK*    
18:45   BBC2   Star Trek: Voyager. Bride of Chaotica! Janeway finds herself drawn into Paris' Captain Proton holonovel when fifth-dimensional aliens mistake it for reality.    
19:00   Ch.4   Philosophy - A Guide to Happiness. Nietzsche on Hardship.    
Monday 8 May
01:35   Ch.4   Babylon 5. Interludes and Examinations. (R) The aftermath of Sheridan's victory over the shadows brings the death of an ally, trouble for Londo, and increasing problems for Franklin.    
18:00   BBC2   The Simpsons. And Maggie Makes Three (R)    
18:00   Ch.4   Friends. The One Where Underdog Gets Away (R). Monica's Thanksgiving dinner doesn't turn out as planned.    
22:30   Ch.4   Wild at Heart (1990) One of David Lynch's best and more accessible films, a road movie about an ex-con and his girlfriend running from her mother, who's hired a private eye to follow them and a mobster to kill the man. Starring Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern and Diane Ladd (Dern's real-life mother). *FILM PICK OF THE WEEK*   *****
Tuesday 9 May
18:45   BBC2   Battlestar Galactica. Saga of a Star World (Part 2) (R). Galactica must pass through a Cylon minefield to reach supplies and fuel on the planet Carillon.    
Wednesday 10 May
01:00   Ch.5   NHL Ice Hockey Live. Stanley Cup playoff action.    
18:00   Ch.4   King of the Hill. As Old as the Hills. Hank and Peggy go skydiving.    
18:45   BBC2   Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Profit and Lace. Ferrengi Zek visits the station having lost the title of Grand Nagus.    
19:30   BBC2   Third Rock From the Sun. Indecent Dick. Sally is tempted to pose nude for a magazine.    
Thursday 11 May
00:20   Ch.5   NHL Ice Hockey Live. More Stanley Cup playoff action.    
18:00   BBC2   Sliders. Love Gods (R). The group find themselves on a parallel Earth where men are impotent.    
18:00   Ch.4   Friends. The One with the Monkey. (R) Ross introduces his pet monkey to the gang.    
22:55   Ch.4   Ally McBeal. Sideshow (R)    
Friday 12 May
01:25   Ch.4   Prey. Pursuit (R). Sloan endangers Tom's life after revealing her discovery to him.    
18:00   BBC2   The Simpsons. Bart's Comet (R) Bart discovers a comedy that's heading for Springfield. Followed by Homie the Clown (R), in which Krustie is told to give up gambling.    
18:45   BBC2   Sliders. Gillian of the Spirits (R). Trapped on an astral plane, Quinn's only hope is a psychic girl.    
21:00   Ch.4   Friends. The One with Ross's Wedding (Part 2). Ross makes a mistake on his wedding day.    
21:30   Ch.4   Smack the Pony. Comedy sketch show.    
22:00   Ch.4   Frasier. Morning Becomes Entertainment. Frasier and Bebe fill in for a morning TV chat show.    
22:30   Ch.4   Frasier. The Friend (R). Frasier's attempts to make friends cause problems for him.    
23:30   ITV   Dharma and Greg. Death and Violins. Dharma forms a bond with Greg's dying grandmother.    


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Weird World News

The US Air Force B-2 Spirit stealth bombers cost $1 billion each, but a vital piece of cockpit equipment during the Kosovo conflict cost just $8.88 from the Wal-Mart supermarket chain. It was a garden chair which, when fitted into the space behind the seats enabled the pilots to take turns resting, and missions to last up to 30 hours.

The illegibility of doctors' handwriting is a long-standing subject of humour, but now Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's Chief of Staff Dr. Paul Hackmeyer has hired two handwriting experts to teach a one-day course in fast, legible handwriting.

Unemployed chef Peter Johnson, 49, is a big fan of his local take-away pizzeria, claiming to visit it at least five times a week. So impressed with the food is he that he recently had the name and number of the All in One food bar tattooed on his forehead. "The tattoo provides quite a talking point where I go," he commented. Nasser Bandar, owner of the All in One, was unimpressed with the free advertising saying "I'm not going to give him free pizza. I think he's crazy."

17-year-old Adam Brooks Jr changed his plea to guilty in a Columbus, Ohio, court in March over charges that he had broken into a 76-year-old woman's house, tied her up and stolen her car, after the victim told the court how Brooks had re-entered the house from the garage three times, twice to get her to explain how to use the garage door opener, and finally how to drive an automatic...

Visitors to the Sea Life Centre in Portsmouth, England, got a shock last week when a three-foot shark leapt out of its tank and landed amongst them. Employees put it back, only for the shark to make a repeat performance a few minutes later. Aquarium spokesman Peter Jones said "This has never happened before. This is a harmless shark and it does not attack people," adding that the tank walls were being raised a foot to prevent further such incidents.


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