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Issue #616 - 28th May 2021

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  n. delay, procrastination.


Friday 28th May   -   The first ships of the Spanish Armada set sail from Lisbon, 1588. William Pitt the Younger, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, born, 1759. Musician Leopold Mozart, father of Wolfgang Amadeus, died, 1787. The Paris Commune was supressed, 1871. Singer-songwriter and actress Kylie Minogue born, 1968. Writer Maya Angelou died, 2014.
Saturday 29th May   -   The Byzantine Empire ended with the Fall of Constantinople, 1453. Joséphine de Beauharnais, first wife of Napoléon Bonaparte, died, 1814. Writer G.K. Chesterton born, 1874. A riot broke out at the premiere of Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring in Paris, 1913. Weather presenter Carol Kirkwood born, 1962. Actor and filmmaker Dennis Hopper died, 2010. World Digestive Health Day.
Sunday 30th May   -   Joan of Arc was executed, 1431. Barbara of Brandenburg, former nominal queen of Bohemia, died, 1464. The marriage of King Henry VIII of England to Jane Seymour, 1536. Voice actor Mel Blanc born, 1908. Businessman Milton Bradley, credited as founding the board game industry, died, 1911. The First Balkan War ended and Albania became an independent country with the signing of the Treaty of London, 1913.
Monday 31st May   -   Japanese shōgun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu died, 1408. Artist Alessandro Allori born, 1535. Samuel Pepys made the final entry in his diary, citing declining eyesight, 1669. Suffragette Rosa May Billinghurst born, 1875. Vanity Fair revealed that Mark Felt was the Watergate informant "Deep Throat", 2005. TV screenwriter Carla Lane died, 2016. World No Tobacco Day.
Tuesday 1st June   -   The earliest-known record of Scotch whisky was made in the Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, 1494. Writer Honoré d'Urfé died, 1625. Astronomer Geminiano Montanari born, 1633. The US Census Bureau started using Herman Hollerith's tabulating machine to process census returns, 1890. Actress Marilyn Monroe born, 1926. Accused murderess Lizzie Borden died, 1927. World Milk Day.
Wednesday 2nd June   -   Vandals sacked Rome, 455. The formal Salem witch trials began with the trial of Bridget Bishop, 1692. Philosopher and writer Marquis de Sade born, 1740. Italian military leader and politician Giuseppe Garibaldi died, 1882. Astronomer Heather Couper born, 1949. Tennis player Helen Jacobs died, 1997.
Thursday 3rd June   -   Artist Pietro Paolini born, 1603. The Dutch West India Company was granted a charter for New Netherland (present-day east coast USA), 1621. Composer Georges Bizet died, 1875. Entertainer and French Resistance operative Josephine Baker born, 1906. Astronaut Ed White became the first American to perform a spacewalk, on the Gemini 4 mission, 1965. Actress Anna Neagle died, 1986. World Bicycle Day.


This week, Marilyn Monroe:
Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.


A selection of quotations from films released in the same year. Answers next issue or from the regular address. Last issue's quotations were from films released in 1958:


Strange stories from around the world, some of which might be true...

IN BRIEF: The British Police has been revealed still to be using a 1974 mainframe computer for background checks on suspects' characters. ● A driver of a Japanese bullet train is facing punishment after leaving the cockpit in the charge of a conductor unlicensed to drive the train as it travelled at 93mph (150km/h), while he went to the toilet. ● A new iceberg, dubbed "A-76" has calved off the Ronne Ice Shelf in Antarctica. At 109 miles (175km) in length and 16 miles (25km) width - larger in area than the island of Majorca, it is the largest iceberg recorded, surpassing the "A-86" iceberg which calved off the Larsen C ice shelf in 2017. ● The body of a 39-year-old man has been recovered from inside a large papier-mache dinosaur sculpture in a town near Barcelona; police think he had climbed in head-first to retrieve his phone and became stuck in a leg. ● The Mount Nyiragongo volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo has erupted for the first time since 2002, prompting the evacuation of thousands of people. Lava reportedly headed to one side of the city of Goma and stopped short of the airport. ● The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in America has advised people to stop hugging or kissing ducks and chickens after an outbreak of salmonella across 43 states. ● A Japanese drill ship has set a record for the depth at which a core sample has been drilled after retrieving a 121'- (37m)-long sample from the Japan Trench at a depth of more than 5 miles (8km) below sea level.

CORONAVIRUS ROUND-UP: The Indian government has ordered social media companies to remove all content that refers to the COVID-19 B.1.617 variant by its common name, the "Indian variant"; the more transmissable variant was first detected in India last year, where there are more than 26 million people infected with COVID-19. ● The Medical Detection Dogs charity is training sniffer dogs to detect COVID-19 in people, using more than 3,500 items of clothing provided by members of the public and the NHS. The dogs, two of whom are rescue animals, have an accuracy level of up to 94.3% and show that trained detector dogs could be deployed at airports for fast scanning of passengers.

UPDATES: Astronomers have traced the sources of eight "fast radio bursts" (FRBs), intense but brief radio signals first discovered in 2007. Five of them came from the outer arms of spiral galaxies suggesting that they might be linked to star formation. ● Following the relocation of a number of Tasmanian devils into an Australian sanctuary north of Sydney last year the first of the endangered marsupials to be born on the Australian mainland since they died out there thousands of years ago have been delivered.


Radio presenter Lisa Shaw (BBC Radio Newcastle, Heart, Metro Radio, 44), manga creator Kentaro Miura (Berserk, Legend of the King of Wolves, Giganto Maxia, 54), hip hop photographer Chi Modu (Ice Cube, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, 54), actor Mark York (The Office [US], 8 Simple Rules, CSI: New York, 55), actress Desiree Gold (Arthur, Caesar and Otto Meet Dracula's Lawyer, Sleepaway Camp, 76), actor, stand-up comedian and gag writer Paul Mooney (Chappelle's Show, The Buddy Holly Story, Richard Pryor, 79), privacy campaigner Max Mosley (FIA President [1993-2009], sued the New of the World and Google over a story about his attending a Nazi-themed orgy, 81), Bill Shakespeare (first man and second person in the world to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID vaccine outside of clinical trials, 81), marathon runner Ron Hill (first Briton to win the Boston Marathon, second man to run a marathon in under 2:10, ran at least a mile every day from 1964-2017, 82), cricket historian and journalist David Foot (Viv Richards, 40 Years On: The Story of the Lord's Taverners, Cricket's Unholy Trinity, 96).


Dumbledore Bear, our in-house psychic predicts that the following numbers will be lucky:
4, 22, 31, 33, 41, 55
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    Little Jennifer had been taken to the dentist with toothache. When she came back into the waiting room after seeing the dentist her concerned mother asked her "Has your tooth stopped hurting?"
    Little Jennifer looked puzzled, then pouted as only she could. "I don't know, Mummy. The dentist kept it."

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